Day: September 14, 2022

Mini Album: Seaside Adventure Part 2

Anzeige (Enthält Produktempfehlung) / Advertisement (Contains product endorsement) EnglishToday I’m sharing with you the second signature of my mini album Seaside Adventure. I created this album several years ago, and used the 5×5 Mini Album with Gussets as a base. This album is available as a free cut file here on this site. DeutschHeute gibt’s den nächsten Teil meines Mini Albums Seaside Adventure. Ich habe dieses Album schon vor ein paar Jahren zusammengestellt, und habe dafür das 5×5 Mini Album (with Gussets) verwendet. Dieses Album ist hier auf der Seite als Freebie Silhouette Datei verfügbar. Watch a flip-through of this album here: Hier könnt ihr euch das Album als Ganzes ansehen: A video about how I put together this type of mini album will be released later this year, so keep checking the Youtube channel for Misty Hilltops Designs. Ein Video, das zeigt, wie man ein solches Album zusammenbaut wird später dieses Jahr publik gemacht. Es lohnt sich daher, immer wieder mal auf dem Youtube Channel für Misty Hilltops Designs nachzuschauen.

Putting My Schedule Together | Den Stundenplan zusammenschustern

EnglishWe’ve been waiting for our schedules. But as usual, no one is in a rush to hand those out to us. (I still remember years, where we received the schedules the night before we were supposed to start class. So, it’s just important to always be at the ready.) In recent years, our schedules are posted (automatically) on the school website the moment they’re done. Which means two things: There’s a way to find out your schedule early. Said schedule can still change until the day school is set to begin. (Which means it means very little until the first day of class.) This year, we’ve been impatiently waiting for our schedules – one big reason being that we’ve requested not to be placed in a particular building. And while our schedules aren’t officially published yet, our individual classes are. So, I’ve found a way of putting my schedule together by checking my individual classes. That’s another way of how to figure out your schedule before it’s officially released. DeutschWir warten auf unsere Stundenpläne. Aber …