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  1. tzzy says

    Thank you for sharing your work. I love the colors in the Summer in Orange Country kit.

    • Sula H. says

      Hey there. Thanks for your comment. In what ways do you have trouble? There are numerous downloads on all freebies, showing me that they seem to be working. Either it might be a problem on your end, or there is an issue with the file that arose after the fact.

  2. Sally Creech says

    Your designs are wonderful! I am looking for all of the parts of holly and pine. I could find one part but not the others. Again thank you so much for sharing….

    • Sula H. says

      I’m so glad you like this. Have you tried just searching for Holly & Pine in the search bar? All 8 parts of this collection are still available, and should come up first upon search. The search bar is maybe halfway down the site when you scroll. I hope you can find all parts.

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