Day: October 4, 2022

Tutorial: How to Get Accurate Prints & Cuts in Silhouette Studio

Anleitung für akkurates Drucken & Schneiden in Silhouette Studio Anzeige (Enthält Produktempfehlung) / Advertisement (Contains product endorsement) While I love my Silhouette Cameo, have made good use of it over the years, and even more of Silhouette Studio, there are a number of things that always bugged me when it comes to using the native print & cut feature in Silhouette: The much smaller printable and cuttable area in this setting (compared with the print and cut margins that are generally available in Silhouette Studio). It requires the user to waste much of the paper (esp. when we’re using special, more expensive kind of papers and cardstock for printing). How inaccurate the cuts often turn out, in spite of using the suggested registration marks. There seems to be no real guarantee that the Silhouette blade will cut exactly along the design on the page. The waste of print ink on each page that I print for use with the print & cut feature of Silhouette Studio (just to print the registration marks and all. Ich …

On Holiday | Ferienzeit

English It’s really happening! We’re on holiday, and for the first time in pretty much a year students are allowed to leave campus and come back. What once was a normal, everyday event has become something worth celebrating. Of course, as teachers who live on campus, we enjoy when the campus gets less crowded, and places like dining halls aren’t overrun during main meal times. Deutsch Es ist wahr! Wir haben Ferien, und die Studenten dürfen den Campus verlassen. Zum ersten Mal in fast einem Jahr. Was einst Alltag war ist heute ein Grund zum Feiern geworden. Als Fakultät, die auf dem Campus lebt, genießen wir natürlich die Tage, an denen der Campus und die Mensas weniger überlaufen sind.