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Time for Socks

The weather has been quite glorious recently, so the other day I decided to take a walk and enjoy some sunshine on my nose. And it was only then – when I was feeling a little chill come through the holes of my crocs – that it dawned on me that maybe it’s time to start wearing socks again. After all, it’s full blown autumn here (though most trees, I’d say, are in need of some good counseling because they definitely live in denial of that fact), so starting to wear socks again would do no harm, indeed! Time to say the summer good-bye! And since we’ve been talking about my crocs already, here’s the latest photo for the photo challenge: Photo Challenge Day 18: Your Shoes

Just a Microwave

Photo Challenge Day 17: Technology Since today’s photo challenge topic is about technology, let’s take a closer look at … a microwave in China’s kitchens. Kitchens are a curious thing in China. They are quite different from Western Style kitchens. Let’s take the microwave for example. They are not an entirely unknown species around here – as a matter of fact, a lot of families even might have one. But whether they are used a lot or not is a another question. I’ve seen people own a microwave (and judging by the way it looked, owning it for quite some time), and yet they didn’t know how to operate it. But then, Chinese people have the wok. And with that, they have all they need to do some fine and delicious cooking!

Saturday Feature: Spaghetti Syndrome

I’ve got a serious disease. It’s called spaghetti syndrome. It’s serious, because it affects my life every. single. day. Here you can take a look at what the spaghetti syndrome looks like: Yep. It’s serious. I told you! Can you tell I have a problem? It’s that I actually need all these cables, and use them regularly, too, but there’s just no way to keep them organized. They just love to take on a life of their own. There’s the cable for my keyboard, and the one for my mouse. And then there is the cable that connects my camera to my computer, and the one for my dvd-drive, too. I don’t need to mention my printer, and oh, of course, I shouldn’t forget my tablet. There’s also some cables for my EHDs, and then the USB hub needs to be plugged into my computer as well as into a power outlet. Talking about some serious cable spaghetti here! Oh, and I almost forgot the headset, too, which I use for noise recordings, etc. Really, …

Saturday Feature: Dust & Ashes

Morning fog. I used to live in a part of the world where foggy mornings in October are not that unusual. And what’s great about them: they usually promise the dawn of a fine and sunny day. This morning, I woke up to a similar phenomenon. Except, we need to replace the word “fog” with “smog.” The air had started to fill with smoke like from a wild fire last night, penetrating even the buildings and our apartments; and only this morning did it dawn on me that the farmers are burning their leftover chaff and stuff from the harvest these days. Bad times for fresh air, and my eyes have been burning all day. Day 8: A Bad Habit By the way, I’m on day 8 of the photo challenge, and here’s my contribution for today: So, you’re asking me what the bad habit is? Weeelll, I usually don’t cook at home since I have three warm meals served for free each day. Dirty dishes pile up slowly – maybe a plate or a …