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Saturday Feature: Spaghetti Syndrome

I’ve got a serious disease. It’s called spaghetti syndrome. It’s serious, because it affects my life every. single. day. Here you can take a look at what the spaghetti syndrome looks like:

Yep. It’s serious. I told you! Can you tell I have a problem? It’s that I actually need all these cables, and use them regularly, too, but there’s just no way to keep them organized. They just love to take on a life of their own. There’s the cable for my keyboard, and the one for my mouse. And then there is the cable that connects my camera to my computer, and the one for my dvd-drive, too. I don’t need to mention my printer, and oh, of course, I shouldn’t forget my tablet. There’s also some cables for my EHDs, and then the USB hub needs to be plugged into my computer as well as into a power outlet. Talking about some serious cable spaghetti here!

Oh, and I almost forgot the headset, too, which I use for noise recordings, etc.

Really, I use them all!

I think the most serious problem of it all, though, is that I don’t have enough ports to hold all these cables. And that’s when this syndrome really gets on my nerves. Maybe, I should try harder to get this syndrome under control, but then, I know that it won’t take long until it’s just as bad as it is now. I just know it!

Well, maybe I could start with the headset. No recordings in sight any time soon. Except, when they’ll play the Titanic song outside again. (Which I’ve been waiting for.) Then I must record it, for you to hear. But that’s another day’s story …

PS: After finishing writing this post, I’ll do something. I’ll try to untwist some of those cables. Maybe that’ll help. I hope it will, because I really need to get rid of this spaghetti syndrome. I have to!


Photo Challenge Day 15: Silhouette

Btw, today’s photo challenge was to take a picture of a silhouette. And since it was a beautifully sunny day, I had to take my camera out, and get that sunset on the record. FYI, you can see the sunset when you ignore the silhouette …

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  1. You are not alone in the spaghetti syndrome…I have EXACTLY the same problem 🙂 The jumble behind my desk is frightening. When you find a solution you will have to let me know! Fee x

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