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Saturday Feature: Dust & Ashes

Morning fog. I used to live in a part of the world where foggy mornings in October are not that unusual. And what’s great about them: they usually promise the dawn of a fine and sunny day. This morning, I woke up to a similar phenomenon. Except, we need to replace the word “fog” with “smog.” The air had started to fill with smoke like from a wild fire last night, penetrating even the buildings and our apartments; and only this morning did it dawn on me that the farmers are burning their leftover chaff and stuff from the harvest these days. Bad times for fresh air, and my eyes have been burning all day.

Day 8: A Bad Habit

By the way, I’m on day 8 of the photo challenge, and here’s my contribution for today:

So, you’re asking me what the bad habit is? Weeelll, I usually don’t cook at home since I have three warm meals served for free each day. Dirty dishes pile up slowly – maybe a plate or a bowl a day. So I usually wait until enough dirty dishes have piled up to make the washing up worth the effort! Looks like the next round of washing up needs to happen soon!

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  1. belisath says

    Das sieht ja fürchterlich aus. Ich hoffe inzwischen kannst Du wieder durchatmen.

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