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Monday Highlight: Travel Journal – Western Frontier

I’m getting myself behind again, and before I let that happen again, I must share one of my recent discoveries with you. It’s Suzanne Baird from Roadside Designs and she has a wonderful template series out that is perfect for scrapping your traveling memories. What I especially like about those templates is that they look like pages from a magazine with a very clean and simple design, and yet those pages (in my opinion) look gorgeous!

Travel Journal – Western Frontier

by Suzanne Bairds

Each template has room for photos and journaling, and the composition is perfect if those two are the things that you want to focus on when scrapping your travel memories. Here are some sample pages that I snagged from her blog:

And of course, you can use these templates to scrap any other topic besides traveling, too. Here is one page I created based on one of the templates from “Travel Journal – Western Frontier” (but of course not without giving it my own little “twist”):

This was the apple I just had the other day, and I thought it should be properly documented!

Anyways, if you haven’t known about Suzanne Baird yet, it might be worth your while checking out her blog, and seeing the other templates she has to offer. Maybe you will get inspired!

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