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The Kong Fu Restaurant


The Kong Fu Restaurant (aka the Donkey Restaurant among my acquaintances) is a rather special place in town. It’s special because the food is considered good, the environment excellent (if you ignore the noise), and the way you get your tea served is … well … rather special. You see, usually, when you go to a restaurant you’ll have waiters who take care of all your needs. The Kong Fu restaurant isn’t any different in that regard, except that the waiters aren’t simple waiters actually, they are specialists in serving your tea Kong-Fu-style. You’re not quite sure what that’s all about? Well, let me enlighten you. Instead of a simple tea pot, they have a container with a very long hose, and instead of simply pouring your drink they’ll jump and roll and move around you like a real Kong Fu athlete, and all the while your cup is being filled. Maybe one day, once I have downloaded the video from my camera I can show you a little clip of what that looks like. One thing’s for sure: it’s quite entertaining!

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