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Getting Ready

The end is near.

The end of the winter break, that is. I can tell because of all the changes that are going on on campus.

… Like the washing of the streets and squares they did yesterday.
Yes, that’s right! They were scrubbing all the major roads and walkways. After all, streets and squares need bath-days, too, i presume!

… Or like the number of students carrying their little suitcases around campus.
That number of suitcase-carrying students is increasing daily, and so are the number of folks just hanging around campus. And so are the number of students gathering around the basketball facilities (and tennis court for that matter – yay for me!). Soon, our campus will be hustling and bustling again, and I’m not sure whether I’m excited about the return of the students, or rather sad that soon there’ll be no more quiet corner on campus!

Anyways, the end is near, and I’d better make the most of my last days of the winter break!

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