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Adventures at the Mountain

Abenteuer am Berg We love that little mountain nearby where we love to go hiking and try to get the bit of nature that is available around here. Except that, over the last couple of years, “improvements” have been made to our little resort, meaning that roads have been paved, temples and buildings added, and stairs have been built where once there was just a little nature trail. Whether that really is an improvement when nature and wilderness are the things we desire, I leave for you to decide. But at least we still get a little adventure here and there, and lucky for us, not all trails have been turned into stairs and paved roads yet. Wir mögen den kleinen Berg in der Nähe, wo wir gerne wandern gehen und versuchen, das bisschen Natur, das es hier im Umfeld gibt, zu genießen. Allerdings muss ich euch gestehen, dass in den letzten Jahren an “unserem” Berg ein paar “Verbesserungen” vorgenommen worden sind. Im Klartext heißt das: Strassen sind geebnet worden, Tempel und andere Gebäude sind …

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Eiger Hike

Credits: Go Take a Hike by Jady Day Studio (SSD freebie) Template: Single 46 – Lots of Snapshots 16 by Cindy Schneider Font: DJB Tell Me A Story print by Darcy Baldwin Worn Out Alpha by Shawna Clingerman

scrapbook layout, outdoor


Credits: Great Outdoors: Adventure by Kristin Cronin-Barrow Great Outdoors: Adventure Cards by Kristin Cronin-Barrow Great Outdoors: Adventure Snippets by Kristin Cronin-Barrow Font: DJB I am a Storyteller by Darcy Baldwin Scraplift of BFF’s


Season’s Change

Autumn is coming. Definitely. After a couple of really nice, warm late summer day, things have changed. Sweater weather is what I would call it. In fact, we’ve started heating up the home because it’s been so chilly outside. But I thought, it was a perfect opportunity to make a little field trip to our backyard …  


Last Days of Summer

September is showing itself from its nicest side, or should I say – it’s showing the sunny side up? Whichever way you say this, I couldn’t help myself … I had to get out and about, get that last bit of blue sky and sunshine that I may have in a while. (Not being pessimistic here, just really realistic in knowing that I’ll be heading out East again soon, where gray skies compete against gray skies everyday. So here I’m quite happy about the last days of summer!