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A {Most} Perfect Winter Day

Der allerbeste Wintertag Guess what woke me up this morning. Snow! “Wait!” you say, “How can snow wake you up? Isn’t falling snow like the most silent thing on earth?” You’re right, of course. And yet, I was still all cozy and snug, lying in bed at the crack of dawn when a noise from outside drifted through my bedroom window. It took a moment for me to register that scraping sound. And then it hit me! Was someone out there, clearing snow? And then I was out of bed in a flash. Run to the window, pull back the curtain, and there: it was snowing! You see, snow is such a rare thing that I care to get up as early as possible, before about 28.000 students descend on it, and turn the soft, snowy white into a field of brown ugly slush. Needless to say, I was outside within a quarter of an hour, to capture the first signs of winter this season. Of course, by that time I had no idea that …

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Beautiful Autumn

Herrlicher Herbst We’re still enjoying the most beautiful autumn since I moved here. So, I can’t help myself – in spite of being quite busy, I just have to get out there to capture the moments. And you’re lucky, because you can be part of it. Wir genießen immer noch den herrlichsten Herbst seitdem ich hierhergezogen bin. Deswegen kann ich mich auch einfach nicht zurückhalten: Auch wenn ich viel um die Ohren habe, finde ich immer noch ein paar Augenblicke rauszugehen und den Moment festzuhalten. Und ihr habt Glück, weil auch ihr daran teilhaben dürft.

autumn photography

Autumn All Around

Rundum Herbst I wanted to quickly stop by and share a little more of the autumn pictures I took the other day. Definitely enjoying the season this year. Will nur kurz hier vorbeischauen und ein paar weitere Herbstbilder mit euch teilen. Genieße diesen Herbst hier sehr.