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St. Nicholas' Little Surprises

It’s Saint Nicholas Day in many places in Europe, and that usually means it’s a happy day for all the children. On the night of December 5th, they will put out their shoes in front of their doors, and over night, St. Nicholas comes by and puts treats and little toys into their shoes or boots. So, at least, goes the legend.

Of course, I’m far too old for Nicholas boots and stockings, and usually I’m the only one around here who cares or even knows about such things. But when I opened my front door this morning, I found a sweet little surprise hanging on that door knob. And as I happily gathered that little stocking filled with goodness, I thought to myself: maybe there’s more to St. Nicholas than I thought …

Anyhow, I for my part am glad that someone in our community knows about St. Nicholas Day. I’m glad that someone cares for these things as much as I do …

And so, to everyone young out there, or young enough to care, I wish a very Merry St. Nicholas Day!

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