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Half an Hour with the Bride

Eine halbe Stunde mit der Braut   So, here’s the problem: I neither have much equipment (esp. to take photos in very dark environments), nor is my camera in good shape any more (I’ve just taken too many photos in the past and the camera has run its course, I guess). Still, I get asked to take wedding photos for my friends quite a lot. And really, I don’t mind – as long as I won’t be held accountable for producing first rate, professional photos. So, once more, today, did I find myself in the position of being the designated wedding photographer. And that got me into the unique position of spending a half hour alone with the bride right before the ceremony – as we were waiting for the last guests to arrive. Yes, the bride was waiting for the last guests to arrive, and the wedding was postponed by half an hour because of the late comers! But for me, it was a nice little half an hour because I got to hear …

A Day to Celebrate

Ein Tag zum Feiern   It’s been a busy weekend. Pretty much for everybody here at school. The reason? Well, let’s see. First, there’s the graduation ceremony for all those students whose time at our university has come to an end. And second, commencement has been merged with another rather huge ordeal – our school’s anniversary. Add our annual homecoming parade and celebrations, and you have a weekend full of festivities. Today, the hype started with the parade, followed by the big anniversary show, filled with speeches and performances. And if you want to know how most of my colleagues felt about the anniversary ceremony, well, see for yourself:   War das ein volles Wochenende! Für jeden hier an unserer Schule. Der Grund? Also, lass mal sehen … Zuerst ist da die Abschlusszeremonie für alle Studienabgänger. Und dann ist dies Abschlussfeier mit einem anderen riesigen Event zusammengelegt worden – dem Jubiläum unserer Schule. Füge dazu noch die jährliche Parade und Feierlichkeiten für Familienangehörige und ehemalige Studenten, dann ist das ein Wochenende, bei dem die Post …

Saying Good-Bye

Every year, we get to celebrate commencement, which usually is a bittersweet experience. Bitter, because it’s sad to see yet another group of students graduate; sweet, because of course we’re excited for them to move on to bigger and better adventures. This year’s graduation ceremony is no difference and so we get to cry and celebrate all in one occasion. Congrats, grads!  

Homecoming Part 2: The Show

Part 2 of the homecoming celebrations is the show, which actually deserves the predicate grand because it IS one of the best performances we get to see throughout the year. And being, as it was, all about water, we were in for a treat. But see for yourself:

Water & Earth – A Grand Occasion

    Every year toward the end of the school year, it’s all about Homecoming, and of course this includes the grand homecoming parade (if you ignore the fact that “grand” can be quite a relative term, esp. considering how many onlookers you (don’t) see watching the parade). The fun part about this year’s parade was that it was all about water, earth, and saving the world’s natural resources etc., though I wonder how much of the world’s environment was protected with this parade, esp. considering the materials that were used to create the floats. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t the only one able to observe that plastic and styrofoam generally are considered harmful for the environment. But maybe for a parade meant to raise awareness exceptions can be made …  

Kissing the Fish & Other Wedding Stories

Here goes another wedding. Like every year someone among my colleagues gets married and then everyone is invited (I shared the invitation with you a couple weeks ago). This wedding was a little special because we got to have Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses – a special treat from the U.S.. And boy did we make sure to treat us well with those (maybe to the annoyance of some of our colleagues around, but who cares when there’s so much chocolate to be had). Of course, this being a wedding and all, there was a lot more than chocolate. There were the bride and groom, and cupcakes, and lots and lots of food. Like the fish my friend attempted to get acquainted with a little more closely …   But see for yourself:

Going for Gold

Sports day is always an important event at every university in this part of the world. My contribution to sports day is that I stand in the crowds watching the great parade of school representatives marching into the stadium, and then I usually try to catch an extra hour of tennis myself (since for once the courts aren’t taken up with classes). At any rate, as much as I love being in class with my students, I don’t mind getting an extra day off work, and getting to spend that time with a racket and a ball. It’s sports day after all …    

Christmas Bake Sale 2012

Oh what fun it is to … have yummy American treats during the Christmas season! Well, you may think there’s nothing special about bake sales in December. But I can tell you, for those of us who don’t really have any alternative to yummy Christmas treats, having a bake sale in December is a highly anticipated, and well received event. In fact, those bake sales are getting so popular that it’s rather a challenge to stand in that never ending line and hope that once it’s your turn there’s going to be at least a few treats left. I did manage to get a couple of yummy treats after making it through that long line, and now I’m left to deal with the sugar overdose that is to follow inevitably … Off to enjoy some yumminess!

St. Nicholas' Little Surprises

It’s Saint Nicholas Day in many places in Europe, and that usually means it’s a happy day for all the children. On the night of December 5th, they will put out their shoes in front of their doors, and over night, St. Nicholas comes by and puts treats and little toys into their shoes or boots. So, at least, goes the legend. Of course, I’m far too old for Nicholas boots and stockings, and usually I’m the only one around here who cares or even knows about such things. But when I opened my front door this morning, I found a sweet little surprise hanging on that door knob. And as I happily gathered that little stocking filled with goodness, I thought to myself: maybe there’s more to St. Nicholas than I thought … Anyhow, I for my part am glad that someone in our community knows about St. Nicholas Day. I’m glad that someone cares for these things as much as I do … And so, to everyone young out there, or young enough …

Bake Sale, Hurray!

Bake sales are a fine thing. Especially in November; especially when the holiday season is drawing near. So, of course, we were all waiting excitedly for the bake this semester’s first bake sale. And today was the day. Armed with a big container, I joined the line of those waiting, and then we had the joy of indulging ourselves in cupcakes and cookies, in pies, and brownies, and fudges, and everything else a sweets-loving gal like me could desire. Yes, bake sales really are a fine thing. Because you finally get eat things that normally are hard to come by here.