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Document Your December: December Daily 2012


Wheee! December twenty-twelve is at hand (just a couple more days, yay!), and for many of us scrappers that means we are embarking on a new journey with the December Daily project. My 2011 DD was a blast, and so I’m super stoked to get going on this year’s album. In fact, I’ve been so eager to start that I began documenting the season with Thanksgiving (as I did last year) even though that seems a little early (yes, I can’t help it – I just love this season!).

Most of you, however, won’t start until December 1st, I’m sure, so there’s still a couple more days to get ready. And with the proper preparations, completing your DD 2012 can be a breeze. Really. Last year, I documented the process of creating this project with lots of  articles, how to’s, and inspiration, and I’m hoping to share more of what’s going on behind the scenes with my own project this year. But, since I don’t want to repeat myself, today I’m just going to hook you up with the links to some of my older posts, because some of them I find useful even now (as I was skimming over them), esp. if you are new to the DD project, or if you have a hard time staying on target or completing your project.


Documenting Your December the Easy Way

Probably the most helpful post on the topic was my article on TACKLING YOUR DECEMBER DAILY PROJECT last year. In that post I listed a lot of useful tips on the preparation process to prevent the DD project from turning into a painful catch-up race. But it also comes with useful tips and inspiration for seasoned DD-scrappers. So make sure to check out that post.



Check out my complete 2011 December Daily Album for more inspiration.


2011 Posts

And if you are looking for more specific tutorials etc. you might want to check out the December Daily Tag, where you can find all of my posts related to the DD project.


That’s it for now, but be sure to come back to check out the progress on my DD 2012, and get more tips and inspiration.

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