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Treasure Sunday: February 26th

I’ve got a new collection of pretties that I’d like to share with you this week.


Stuck on you by Dalis
What a fun, messy, splattery layout! It’s so pretty with the soft colors and the elements scattered all over the page.


Creativity by Soco
This gorgeous page caught my eye immediately. Not only does it work with a beautiful color palette, but that photo is just wonderful, and what a great job did she do at blending the photo with that artistic, colorful paint mess. Truly creative!


Your Home by LilisMother
My next pick for today is another sample of beauty and creativity. What a pretty cluster, the little paint splats perfectly draw the eye to the various clusters, and I don’t need to mention how adorable the photos are!


River Walk by Heather Prins
I love the approach to this page: The large photo with the beautiful lighting, perfectly complemented with the little photos telling the story of a river walk!


xoxo by Ana.Paula
Last but not least I wanted to share this little gem with you. It’s such a perfect mess that I couldn’t resist to add it to my treasure collection! What a pretty combination of brushes and paper elements, and the cutout title rounds it all up so wonderfully!

This is what I’ve got for you today, and I hope you appreciate these pages just as much as I do. Thanks for sharing them with us, ladies, and to everyone else, I wish a wonderful start into the new week!

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