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Monday Highlight: What’s Happening

Ah, NSD and all its excitements! Are you glad it’s over, or did you fully enjoy all the games and contests and scrapping that took place all over digiland this past weekend? For me personally, NSD doesn’t hold that great of an excitement anymore, since with the monthly portfolio at SSD (and various other stores), I get my personal NSD every month on ‘sweet rewards day’ lol. Today is SR-day for me, and with various coupons and free kits I’ve received over the last weekend from SSD and some designers, I’m having a real flood of new products that I can’t wait to play with. One of these new products I want to highlight today – a kit by one of my favorite designers ever:

What’s Happening?

by Fee Jardine

I love Fee’s sense for colors and patterns. Her papers usually come with a great range various designs. The patterns she uses are a mixture of ornate swatches and large, sweeping designs – perfect for both, the white-space scrapper, and the full-page scrapper. Fee’s embellishments are a unique mixture of “real” as well as doodled, and crafted elements with a whimsical touch to them. All of the above is true for “What’s Happening,” which makes it a great kit to scrap with. Look at my first sample, using this kit:

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