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Monday Highlight: Quarterly Assortment Vol. 2

Ok. To be honest, I should be putting my nose into my books, and studying. But since I’m just too tired for that right now, and not even remembering half of what I’m reading, I decided to take care of the Monday Highlight instead. After all, I have something fun to share with you again – the SSD Quarterly Assortment.

If you are a routine scrapper, you probably don’t care much about the QA, but even with my own rather large digi-stash, I have to admit: I still love the SSD QAs. Not only do you get a whole lot of papers and ellies for your money, but what I love is that this year the designers decided to collaborate on their contributions, which means: Instead of a random collection of various mini-kits (which are still a great resource for hybrid cards, etc.), you get products that amount to 4-5 full size kits, plus templates, plus a font. A great deal, as far as I’m concerned!

Anyways, I played with some of the latest QA, which was released just this past Saturday, and this is what I created:


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