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Monday Highlight: Christmas in August

Who says I can’t scrap Christmas pages in August? At least my mom started laughing at me when she heard that I was planning to scrap those Christmas pages that had long been overdue. And I’m sure there’s other people out there thinking: What is she doing, scrapping Christmas pages in the middle of summer? But since in the photobook project I’m working on there were mostly Christmas pages left to scrap, I thought to myself: Why not go ahead and scrap those pages, even when it is August? It makes me long for my favorite season of the year! Anyways, hours of scrapping and about seven double pages of Christmas layouts later, I’m finally done, and I thought, I’d share some of those pages here with you. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you not to wait till the next Christmas season begins, (while you’re already making new memories), to start scrapping those old memories from last year !

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