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We Are Moving …

Just thought I’d let you know that is moving.

No, not to a new address.

We’re just switching servers, since we’ve reached the limit of our traffic allowance with our current webhosting service – in other words, you guys are giving me too much traffic, lol! But that’s a good thing, I guess. So, I’m not complaining at all that there’s actually enough people out there who think to stop by MistyHilltops every once in a while.

But, we have to move. And I’m only glad that I don’t have to pack up a lot of things, and carry lots of boxes and what not. But then, our last move with MistyHilltops was a nightmare just the same, as it took a couple of days to figure out what was wrong. Anyways, all I’m saying is that, if things get a bit wonky with MistyHilltops in the next couple of days, just beware that there’s stuff going on behind the scenes here, and that we’ll try to get everything worked out as quickly as possible!

Wish me luck!

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