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St. Nicolas Has Come

December 6th. In Germany that is a date all the children look forward to. Because it’s St. Nicolas Day. That morning kids wake up to find a Santa boot or a Christmas stocking in front of their door – filled with sweet treats like cookies, chocolate, candy, some fruits, and nuts, and maybe even a small present.

Waking up this morning, I knew I wouldn’t find said boot in front of my door. No one even knows about St. Nicolas here. But that doesn’t mean I can’t leave a little love in front of someone else’s door (or in their mail boxes for that matter!) So, I spent all afternoon together with my students baking cookies. And while I have no Santa boot or stocking for the cookies to  go with, I know some people around here still will be glad that there’s something like St. Nicolas Day. And that there’s someone here who cares about St. Nicolas Day.

On that note, happy St. Nicolas Day to all near and far!


PS. The cookies you see in the photo were made by students who’ve never done any cookie baking in their whole life before. Well done, I’d say!

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