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Saturday Feature: Teacher’s Day

Ok. Admitted. 9:13 am isn’t exactly seriously early in the morning. Not usually for me anyways. But I am, after all, still dealing with this bad cold that just won’t go away and makes me feel worn out all the time. So, 9:13 am to me is quite early these days. In fact, it’s early enough that I’m still asleep at that time on a Saturday morning. But it was exactly 9:13 am this morning, when the little beep of my cell phone went off, telling me I’d gotten a message. And you know – I might have even missed it, hadn’t it been for the message telling me that today is teacher’s day. Well, almost missed it, of course, because as the day is progressing, I am collecting those lovely notes my students are kind enough to flood my cell phone with. But, in case you missed it, now it’s my turn to wish all of you teachers out there a “Happy Teacher’s Day!”

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