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Saturday Feature: Chasing the Sun

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably have an idea that I like photography. And I like to experiment a little, too. So, this month, for a photography challenge I was hoping to do, the task was to take a picture with a lens flare (which simply means you take a picture against the bright shining sun). But it’s summer here in China, and where I’m at it means the sun will hardly ever come out, even though the temperatures might be sizzling. So, every day, I’ve been waiting for the sun to show (and I admit, there were a couple of “sunny” days that I missed), so that I could take a lens flare photo. But lo and behold, today, there was actually the hint of the sun visible against the white sky. So I took out my camera and went out to chase the sun. Wasn’t too successful though. The picture shows: this was as much lens flare as I could get (in the middle of the afternoon). Not quite impressive, right?

I can’t wait for fall to come with sunny days and blue skies ahead …

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