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Saturday Feature: And the Hot Water Heater …

One of the first things I learned to appreciate when coming to China was having a hot water heater. See, the problem is, where I live, we only get warm water twice a day through the regular way. That is, when you finish your shower before 8 am in the morning (good-bye sleep-in weekends), or anywhere between 6-11 pm at night (which is a nasty thing when you’ve been exercising in the middle of the day.) So, I knew I needed a hot water heater asap after I got here, esp. since I’m not the cold-water-shower type person, thankyouverymuch! So, one of those little helpers found its way into my bathroom, and has made me happy ever since. Now, I can shower whenever I want. And the water is hot. I can wash my dishes whenever I want, and the water is hot. I can wash my hands whenever I want, and the water is hot! Me and my hot water heater are some really good friends for sure!

Photo Challenge Day 22: Hands

I’m still in on that photo challenge. Just some of the challenges are a little more impossible than others, but here’s today’s photo …

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