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Of the Representation (and Misrepresentation) of the World

Ok, though I’ve shared about culture week in previous years, this one’s something new in all the events: Instead of the foreign faculty (who’ve been involved with Asia day in the previous years), this year the foreign students are mainly involved with hosting today’s activities and events. So, if anything, it’s nice to see native people represent their own countries, and not a bunch of foreigners trying to show-off what they think is interesting but what might not at all be representative of the place.
Like my age old battle with my colleagues trying to get them to understand that we don’t have Vikings running around in Europe any more, nor Roman soldiers wielding javelins and conquering archaic queens (the way my non-European, or should I say, American, colleagues love to portray Europe, and each year I’m thinking: you show off all of America’s modern, fashionable ways, so why can’t you do that with Europe, too?
But I have to concede that one of the arguments one of my friends is giving me is right: if I don’t want to have Vikings and Roman soldiers and javelins and all that around for Europe day, then I should be the lead organizer. And since I refuse to become involved, I guess I can’t complain about the way Europe is being (mis-)represented!
Now, what exactly that has to do with Asia day? I can’t actually say. I just wanted to tell you anyway. And so that those poor Asians think they get entirely under- (or mis-?) represented on my blog, here’s a couple of pics from today’s displays:
IMG_0110 IMG_0112 IMG_0113 IMG_0115 IMG_0117

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