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New Meal Schedule


When it comes to meals and holidays, there’s a slight dilemma. You see, we get our meals served three times a day, buffet style. Now, that’s not the dilemma. That’s what I call service – never having to clean up dishes, I don’t mind that (though I really wouldn’t mind doing some cooking of my own every once in a while). But generally speaking, it’s a good thing that we get meals served three times a day.

For the winter break, however, things change. With “things” I mean the meal service. The problem is: breakfast would have to be finished before 8:30 in order for the staff to be able to prepare lunch in time. But, while on holiday, who wants to get up in the whee hours of the morning only to get breakfast? Most of my colleagues wouldn’t. So, the meal schedule changes to two meals a day. Two meals at very odd hours … a 9:30 breakfast, and a 5 o’clock dinner. With lots of nothing in between.

I don’t mind, though. Even though I usually get up way before 9:30, I enjoy being able to snack a little more on little things in between. And so, I’ve been looking forward to meal-time-change this winter.

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