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Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

Guess what very exciting thing happened today!

Yes, of course, you’re right (because the title and photo gave it away, duh!): it snowed.


Or at least it tried to snow. A little trial run of snow, I’d say. Probably because winter wanted to see whether it’s still in the business of being able to produce big white flakes of fluff! And in fact, winter hasn’t forgotten a thing! Except, maybe, how to make the snow actually stick to the ground. But again, this year, winter’s still pretty young, so there’s still plenty of time to get things right! At least I hope it will, because I do love me some big white fluffy stuff to cover everything and turn the world into a beautiful winter wonderland.

Maybe, if I’d be more deliberate about reminding winter of its duties …

So, off to sing … Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow …

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