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Heater Day Has Come

Finally! Heater day has come, and that’s supposed to be good news. Probably because of the recent chill, they decided to turn on the heat a day earlier than usual. After all,  remember – in China the heating system is regulated corporately, which means no one can individually control it, and it usually is turned on on November 15, and will last until March 15 – no matter whether you’re home or not, or whether it’s cold or not; the heat will be on. Except that my radiators have no sign of heat – yet. So I’m still hoping and wishing, and I’m very thankful that the last few days the weather has warmed up a little again. Still, I want a comfy home, and that means I’ll have to keep an eye on my radiators these days.

By the way, talking about keeping an eye on things – I saw one yesterday. A tree shaker, that is. Remember Saturday’s post? And yesterday, I was out on my bike, enjoying the sunshine and what not, when all of a sudden, there he was. Except, he wasn’t actually shaking the tree – so on that I was wrong – but he was hitting it with a stick. So, now I have to change the terminology and call them “tree hitters” instead. And I have to change the job description, too, because that tree hitter didn’t work on campus, that’s for sure. Rather he was out in the countryside, which means tree hitters are everywhere in this area, not just on our campus. Nonetheless, the result is the same – the trees are without leaves, and I’m not happy with that. Yesterday, however, that tree hitter wasn’t happy with me (I was trying to take a picture of him so I could show you, but for some strange reason he didn’t like that at all, so again no picture!

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