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Food Corner: Dragon Eggplant

Have I ever told you about my favorite dish? It’s generally called “Dragon Eggplant,” and it’s a sweet & sour dish. Basically, a whole eggplant is taken and cut into thin slices that are still attached to the whole. Then, the eggplant is breaded and fried in sweet & sour sauce, and lots of foreigners around here agree with me: it’s one of the most delicious dishes we can get!


  1. belisath says

    Dies Gericht hat mir auch am besten geschmeckt, ob du mal das Rezept ausfindig machen kannst. Ich hatte schon überlegt, ob die Kruste mit Cornflakes gemacht ist.

  2. kayla says

    this was one of my favourite dishes in Yangshuo in China but i cant find the recipe anywhere. Could you post or send more detailed steps? Cheers:)

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