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Chinese Corner: Foreign Teacher

I’m no Chinese expert by any means. But what I love about the Chinese language is its simplicity – in some ways. There are many words in the Chinese language that you can already guess, simply because they just put two descriptive words together to form this new word. So, today, I’m introducing a new corner of my website: the Chinese Corner.

Every week (I hope), I’ll post one new word for you to learn about, and who knows – you might end up a Chinese expert after all!

Since I’m a foreign teacher here in China, how about I start with a very simple word that lends itself to be the first ever word in my Chinese Corner:

Lesson 1: Foreign Teacher


外教 – wài jiào


wai = outside; in addition; foreign; external
jiao = to teach
waijiao = outside teach = foreign teacher

(If you can’t see the Chinese characters, because you don’t have any Asian languages installed on your computer, don’t worry about it.)

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