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Busy Blogger

I have some exciting news to share with you! (And it’s also a little excuse for why blogging has happened so sporadically lately …)

You see, I’m currently working at maintaining two blogs. Or we could say, I’m doing a double version of

You ask why?

Well, that’s what’s so exciting! I’m getting a new blog!!! That is: we are giving my current blog a facelift. A real deal, big fat facelift. My expert sister has decided to set me up with a more professional theme (thanks, dearest expert sister, you’ve made someone halfway around the world really happy!), and these days, I’ve been kind of busy trying to figure out everything with how that new blog works, how we can simplify things, and how to set up everything exactly according to my preferences. (Still working at most of all of that!) And since I actually also have a real life, a job, and a very active social life, maintaining two blogs means it’s either one or the other. And these days, it has been the new blog which has gotten the upper hand a little more often. (I give you permission to blame my excitement for that!)

Anyhow, of course, you’ll be the first ones to know when everything is set up and ready, and until then I hope you’ll have enough patience while you have to share me with two busy blogs!

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