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Around Town: Deserted Again

The summer break is in full swing, and that means, our campus is deserted yet again! But take heart, it’s never as empty in the summer break than it is in the winter. The reason: There’s summer camps all over the place. Some for orphans, some for athletes, some for kids who want to learn English, and some for students who just get bored staying at home over the summer. That, by the way, is another reason why the campus doesn’t get as deserted in the summer as it does in the winter: Because quite a number of students stay around for the summer, renting apartments in the vicinity and use the quietude to study (at home, they’d be spending most of their days watching TV, which can get quite boring if you do that for a whole month). Anyways, for me the summer is usually a good time to brush up on my tennis skills, as every late afternoon by 5 pm the tennis court gets frequented by more or less capable players … And since we are talking about school related stuff already, for my German (as well as English speaking) audience:

Oral English Teachers Wanted

… at one of our sister schools about an hour drive away from here. They would like to get some German teachers in for the coming fall semester. So, if you are at all interested in teaching oral English in China, you can contact me using THE CONTACT FORM here, and I’ll be happy to provide you with further information.

(Für meine deutschen Leser: eine Vorbildung als Lehrer ist meines Erachtens weniger wichtig als ausreichende Englischkenntnisse. Also, wer grundsätzlich interessiert ist: Fragen kostet nichts! Und es wäre schön, wenn ich endlich auch mal ein paar deutsche Kollegen in meinem Umfeld hätte!)

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