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Around Town: A Hot Plate Affair

Moving always means there’s a lot of errands that need to be done. One of my errands lately was to find a place where I could take my hot plate in hopes of repairing it. (A hot plate is the equivalent to a Western stove, except that it only has one plate to cook on). Mine had somehow managed to get a crack all the way through its ceramic surface, and so I was hoping to find a place that would be able to replace the ceramic plate.

In search for one of those repair work shops, we searched all throughout the downtown area, and finally came upon this tiny back-alley garage-type work shop, which was so crowded that we didn’t even fit inside with all the other customers. But no suitable replacement could be found in the pile of spare parts, so all our efforts merely ended in me simply giving away the old plate and getting a new one instead.

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