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Culture Week 2012: International DayCulture Week 2012: International Day

Culture week concluded today, and like every year, it happened with a grand finale. The best performances throughout the week get to participate in the show, and it’s a rainbow of different dances, songs, acts, and performances. It’s definitely a highlight each year, and probably one of the shows around here you don’t want to miss, if you can help it. I did help myself to an entertaining morning, and lots of internationality. And that’s the end of it!

Culture Week 2012: North America Day

I found myself at the main square again. To watch my friends play street hockey together. And trying to keep myself from being hit by any out-of-control ball that would come my way. Because remember: not everyone is as adept at playing hockey as my Canadian friends. And I assure you, not all who played today were Canadians. I survived, however, as did everyone else involved, and so I’d say that’s good news in itself. Isn’t it?

Culture Week 2012: Europe Day

Fright night is over, and I’m really glad we made it through a couple of days with skeletons hanging in our (new) lobby, and skulls welcoming visitors as they enter our building. Not being from a country where Halloween is a big event, I can never understand why people would want to scare each other with ghostly activities, when it’s so much better to share life and joy with one another. Anyhow, fright night is over, and Europe Day commenced today. Of course, being from Europe, every year, Europe Day upsets me, because my dear American colleagues never think of Europe as anything but ancient and medieval (a perspective, which is neither shared by the Chinese, nor can it be appreciated by a true European!). Luckily, I was so busy with other things today, that I didn’t even have the time to go and take pictures of the events in the square (must have missed that one Viking which has survived through the centuries and annually makes his appearance at Culture Week). I didn’t even get …

Culture Week 2012: Africa & Latin America Day

Things around culture week seem to be little more low-key compared to previous years. Anyhow, nothing can compete with China day, when it comes to drawing the crowds to the main square each day. This year I missed the little African hut, which was replaced by one only half as authentic. But it’s just as much a photogenic spot as the old one. In fact, I had to wait in line quite a bit to get at least one decent shot without any people around. I was sneaky, though. I waited for that split second when one student had just gone inside that little hut for her picture, and couldn’t be seen from the angle where I was standing. There’s always a way to get your shot – if you know how to …

Culture Week 2012: Asia Day

Culture week continues with Asia day. And while there are lots of activities organized by the foreign faculty during the day, the great highlight, of course, always is the show that’s put on every night during culture week. For Asia Night, a lot of the foreign students performed, making the job for the foreign faculty an easy one.

Culture Week 2012: China Day

  It’s almost November. And that usually means the annual Culture Week is upon us. And since we’re talking about the usual already, our school’s international culture week usually starts with China day. This year is no exception. So, for China day, local trades people gather in the main square on campus to offer their goods and services, which include anything from selling cotton candy to cutting silhouettes and painting portraits. Even glass sculpturing and musical performances were part of this year’s China day. And of course, I had to go and record it all!

October 1st – A Holiday

There’s a rule of thumb I usually try to abide by, and that rule is: Stay away from the public whenever there’s a public holiday around. Usually, it’s not a big deal for me to keep this in mind. So, I don’t know what has gotten into me that of all the days of the year I decided to go into town for some shopping today. I must have been out of the country for too long to remember this, but as soon as I got near the supermarket, I realized my mistake. The first thing I was able to observe was the sheer number of people, cars, three wheelers, bicycles (and other modes of transportation) which flocked around the shopping center. The next thing that struck me was the noise. I’ve known that people around here like to crank up some music in front of the stores (probably thinking: the louder the noise, the more customers they will draw or something). At this store, however, it wasn’t just one type of music yelling for …

And Then There Were Two

The big day has come. And I was privileged to be right in the thick of it. Not only as the sister of the bride, but also as one of the wedding photographers. So, I got to go with the bridal couple, ride in the limousine with the bride, be around when she was dressed, and prepared, etc. And of course, I got to experience the ceremony from a first class perspective. What a happy day for the radiant bride! And my congrats to the newly wed couple!  

Chocolate & Strawberry Cake

Admitted, China is not one of the top competitors when it comes to baking. The average Chinese family doesn’t even have an oven to begin with. But the Chinese people (at least the experts among them) can surely create some very yummy looking cakes. (Whether they taste as good as they look – that’s for every individual to decide for themselves!) Anyhow, the average Chinese birthday cake isn’t even meant to end up in people’s mouths or stomachs as they (especially the students) prefer to smash them into people’s faces or wherever else (not sure where they got that from). But not my birthday cake. My birthday was enjoyed thoroughly and civilly by whoever made it to our little luncheon today!