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What Covid Has to Do with Easter | Was Covid mit Ostern zu tun hat

Germany is enjoying the Easter holidays. Of course, with lockdown, everyone is at home. Well, with the weather being nice, we spent a little time outside the home. More specifically, we spent time in the garden, doing a grown-up Easter egg hunt. And then there’s also Mr. Nielssen, our Easter bunny. And you might wonder, what does Covid has to do with Easter? Well, the connection is easy, when even Mr. Bunny is required to follow the rules and wear a mask. Deutschland erfreut sich an den Osterfeiertagen. Natürlich ist in Tagen des Lockdowns jeder zuhause. Also, d. h. bei dem schönen Wetter sind wir lieber draußen als drinnen. Ganz genau gesagt, waren wir mal wieder im Garten unterwegs – auf Eiersuche für die großen Leute. Und dann ist da auch noch Mr. Nielssen, der Osterhase. Und du fragst dich vielleicht auch noch, was Covid mit Ostern zu tun hat. Ziemlich viel, wenn man bedenkt, dass sogar Herr Hase sich an die Lockdown Regeln halten muss.                   …

Easter Preparations

Ostervorbereitungen   It’s definitely not the first time for me to celebrate Easter abroad. But it’s the first time in a number of years that I actually get to celebrate in a way that my home looks a bit like Easter. That is something special for me because in past years the most I had was the few experiments with Easter dye which turned out more disastrous than anything else. But this winter back home I was able to load my luggage with Easter decorations and now my home is all set up and nice. And I’m happy! Es ist bestimmt nicht mein erstes Ostern im Ausland. Aber es ist das erste Mal seit einigen Jahren, dass ich das Fest so feiern kann, dass auch mein Zuhause ein bisschen Österlich aussieht. Das ist für mich was ganz Besonderes, da das höchste an Osterlichkeit ein paar Experimente mit Eierfarben waren, die aber mehr katastrophal als alles andere ausgefallen sind. Aber als ich im Winter zuhause war, habe ich meinen Koffer mit Osterdekorationen angefüllt und jetzt sieht …

April Fool’s Day

It’s Easter still, where I come from, but that doesn’t mean it’s a holiday where I live now. As a matter of fact, these days it’s business as usual (as I told you last week), since people here know nothing of Easter, really. But they do know about April Fool’s Day. Lucky for me, I didn’t get tricked, and being busy trying to keep today a holiday for myself as well, I didn’t really get a chance to trick anyone else, either. But then I figured: there are worse things in life than missing out on April Fool’s Day!   And I did get myself a little Easter greeting from my family, too. Look:

Journaling Café: Celebrate Easter

We just celebrated Easter, and in fact, in some places of the world (like my home country), today is still a full fledged Easter holiday. This makes it the perfect time to spend some thoughts on Easter, your Easter traditions, and what this holiday means to you. So, here are today’s journaling prompts:   And of course, as always, I got started with a little page of my own:

A Little Easter Walk

With a friend of mine, we’d decided to go for a little hunt of spring blossoms. The problem was: it’s been so cold recently that only very few trees are in bloom yet. That, however, didn’t hinder us in our determination, and so we got a couple of pictures still.   And on that note I’m wishing everyone happy Easter!              

Among Lilacs

It’s Easter. And on top of it, it’s beautiful weather. So, yesterday, I decided to take out my camera and go among the lilacs. As I was out on that walk, I was having so much fun, that in fact, I didn’t just stay among the lilacs, I also did some more exploring among the other blooming creatures of spring. Need proof? Here are the lilacs …   And here, that’s me enjoying a walk on a wonderfully sunny Easter Sunday:   And if you’d like to see more, you can check out the photo gallery.