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Inspire Me: mom2peanuts

I’m excited, because today I get to do something I had meant to do for a long time – I get to introduce you to another one of my favorite scrappers. In the galleries, she goes as mom2peanuts, and her layouts amaze me time and again. She has a very distinct style, which means, I can see a page in the galleries and immediately know it’s one of hers. Still, I can’t help myself, each time I stumble upon one of her layouts, I have to look at it and absorb the composition and all the little details she adds. The probably No. 1 distinct feature of her scrapping style is her impeccable sense and ability for clustering and composition.

If you’re ever in need for some great inspiration for one of your own pages, don’t forget to bookmark mom2peanuts’ gallery, because you’ll always find something to admire!

You can find her MSA gallery HERE.

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