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Freebie Friday: May Faves

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I’m so excited today! I’ve got another freebie for you! After the long break I had to take due to my further studies, I’m finally on the roll again, and it makes me happy! This one almost turned into a little headache, when I had finished it more than halfway through and then my software seemed to get stuck, but then my computer decided to rally its little spirit and allowed me to save everything without crashing. So here, without further ado, let me present my latest freebie template:

Comes in a layered psd file. Simply open in Photoshop and clip your papers to the template. Click on the image to download.

This one is based on my layout “May 2011 Favorites,” which I just scrapped, and which about gives you an idea how far behind in my scrapping I’ve gotten myself recently. Anyways, with the weekend ahead, I hope you’ll get a chance to use this template, and as always:

Happy Friday, scrappers!

Please do not re-distribute this template in any way (you may share the link to this post), and when you use this template, please make sure to credit it to Misty Hilltops Designs.



  1. JenM says

    Thank you so much for such a fab freebie! I was just loving your layout too, only to peek on your blog and see that you have it up as a freebie! Thank you for your generosity! I love your templates! 🙂

    • Sula says

      Sorry for the broken link. Older freebie templates were only available for about a month after posting, and expired afterward. I’d have to go back an re-upload everything, but since I’m totally behind on blogging as is, I’m not sure when I’ll get to that. So sorry to disappoint you. Maybe one day I’ll get back on top with blogging again, and could see what I can do about making older templates available again …

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