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Behind the Scenes: Re-Coloring Overlays and Brush Layers

As promised last week, I have a very quick and short tutorial today on how to re-color brush layers and overlays (ie. as used in my current December Daily project).

(See the overlay with the date cluster that frames the journaling page.)


In this tutorial you will learn how to …

… add a Color Overlay Style to your brush layer (or overlay).


Here’s How It Works …


STEP 1 | Add a Color Overlay to Your Layer
Assuming that you already have your canvas open and created a brush layer (or any other kind of solid colored overlay), in the Layers Panel, double click on the layer that you wish to modify. That should bring up the Layer Style menu (or click on the little fx symbol at the bottom of your Layers Panel).

On the left side of the pop-up window, you will see a list of Styles options. Check “Color Overlay” to open that menu. Click on the little color box (by default it’s red in my version of Photoshop), and it will open up a window with a color scheme (it’s titled “Select color overlay”). Usually, if you move your cursor away from that window, it will turn into the Color Pick Tool, which allows you to pick a color anywhere from your layout. Simply click on the area that has the color you want to use for your overlay (or pick a color from the color palettes that are offered in the “Select color overlay” window). Click ok (in the select color overlay window) and ok in the Layer Style window.

That’s it. Your (brush) layer should have now turned into whichever color you picked.

Quick and easy this time, but stay tuned, because I’m planning to post a tutorial soon that teaches you how to create pretty clusters.

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  1. Robin(CA Dreamer) says

    THANK YOU! I have been struggling with this for so long… and frustrated. Your tutorial helps me very much! 🙂

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