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Behind the Scenes: A Case for Digital Scrapbooking

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I’m sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed: I love digiscrapping. I love the creative outlet it gives me to play with beautiful papers (one of my oldest passions), messing around with colors and art, and on top of that to combine it with another one of my passions – photography – while at the same time being able to preserve memories and keeping a track of what’s going on in my life.



I love all of that! But what’s best about it: I never have to worry about the creative mess that comes with actual art projects. There’s no real cleaning up to do afterward, and yet, the results can be stunning, and they can bring joy to others.

Another biggie that kind of got me hooked to the digital side of scrapbooking, is the fact that you get to scratch things and start all over again, without losing anything but the time you’ve invested. I remember well, when – in the past – I got myself a nice stack of pretty scrapbooking papers (the actual papers), but never actually using them for fear that I might screw up and the paper’s gone (as in: wasted), or what if I used that pretty paper and a short time later, I discovered that I could have used it on a much more suitable project?

Yes, I admit it: I’m a perfectionist, which makes it kind of difficult for me to sometimes just go with the flow. But digital scrapbooking helps me to do just that: to go with the flow. I can start playing around with papers, elements and photos, and if I don’t like something on the page, I can just re-arrange things, scratch things, add things, re-position things … you name it; all without ever having to worry that I wasted my materials, because: digital scrapbooking products can be re-used again and again.

And last but not least the cost of it all. When I look at all the products in actual paper scrapbooking and see the price that most things come with, I get a dizzy feeling. It’s so easy to spend $40, $50, $60 on an entire kit, and you can use the product on a very limited amount of projects. In digital scrapbooking, on the other hand, there’s the initial cost of needing to invest into a decent graphic software (and of course needing to know how it works), and with less than $10 you can get started on page after page of bliss. (As a matter of fact, I’ve seen someone scrapping an entire photo book using only one digital scrapbooking kit, and the result was awesome).

So in short: I love digital scrapbooking because …

  1. it’s less messy,
  2. goes faster,
  3. allows for great creative freedom,
  4. allows me to preserve memories,
  5. combines my two favorite passions: pretty papers & photography,
  6. is cheaper,
  7. allows me to re-use the products over and over,
  8. will not waste any of my materials if I’ve screwed up,
  9. and probably many other reasons, too …

If you’ve been considering getting your hands wet with digital scrapbooking, why not try it? You can find lots of help, tutorials, and how-to’s on the www, and who knows? It may turn into your new passion as well …

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