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Windows And Other Luxuries

Having spent a good part of my youth in a room with windows that had a great panorama view of the surroundings and allowed the sunlight to stream in from sunrise to sunset, I always knew how important it was for me to have a home with a lot of windows. Something that most people in my home country (and certainly I in the past) take for granted – namely the luxury of having an apartment with windows – was something that I had to give up when moving recently, and it was one of the main reasons why I probably wouldn’t have moved had I had a choice in the matter. Now, I have to learn to not only live with a lot of noise and a bad smell, but also to live with a living room that has no access to daylight, which at the very thought of it seems depressing to me. I guess, this is another one of those life lessons for me (to which there never seems to be an end in my existence), and it’s a great opportunity for me to understand that there are many much less fortunate people in this world who’d wish they’d only have to deal with windowless living rooms and would consider such problems a luxury.

Thanks, dear attitude check, for helping me put things back into perspective. And I promise, I’ll try my best to keep working on that attitude of mine!


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