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When Leaves Fall …

Remember I told you about the bake sale the other day? Well, what was really sweet (aside from all the sweet treats I got) was the fact that afterward, I got to put my hands on a couple of really pretty autumn leaves. Fake, of course – they were only used for decoration – but now I get to take pictures of them, and I get to keep some of them till next fall, so I can decorate my home and give it a touch of autumn. I know that might not seem very special to you, if you live in those parts of the world where people generally keep their homes nicely decorated according to the seasons. It is a really big deal here, however, because here there is not much available for decoration that looks homey, and cozy, and natural.

Have I told you yet? I like fall. And I like when leaves fall … into my hands (even when they’re fake)!


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