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What the Midterm Exam Has to Do With Tennis

I’m sure, most students hate midterm’s week. After all, they are being tested. I, however, like the time of midterm exam. Not because I get to give the exam (the freshman exams usually are later than everyone else’s since their classes started late, due to their military training in September). I like midterm’s week, because it means I get to play tennis a little more. All the students who would have tennis class, have to take their exams, which consist of running around the track. So, the tennis courts are open for whoever wants to play, and one of those people enjoying that extra time of tennis would be me!

Photo Challenge Day 27: From a Distance

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  1. Can’t believe how much we canghe from year to year. The girls get prettier and rod and i get grayer or whatever. Ha. You’ve been making memories of our life for many years, and i appreciate your friendship. God has truly blessed us beyond what we deserve.

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