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The Pancake Mystery


We solved a mystery the other day!

The quest was: Why, after probably a year of not serving pancakes for breakfast at all, has our kitchen staff started to serve them again recently? As a matter of fact, they serve them every single day, these days! After lots of thinking and discussing with my colleagues, we’ve come to a conclusion. It’s because of the bread. Yes, that’s right! Because of the bread.

You wonder how pancakes have to do with bread? Oh, sorry. I forgot to mention. Recently, the kitchen seems to have run out of bread, because there’s no more bread for us at any of the meals. And I guess they must be thinking that pancakes make a good substitution for bread. After all, they use flower and stuff for both bread and pancakes. So, now it’s waffles and pancakes for breakfast every day. Unless, of course, you prefer fried potatoes and fried something elses.

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