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The Flood

I mentioned it last Saturday already. The flood.

You see, floods, when they occur outside in nature, are evil enough. Floods in kitchens, however, are another story altogether! And so it happened, that I was walking to lunch Saturday noon, and as soon as I approached the door to the dining hall, I knew something was odd.

The door stood open. And that door never stands open voluntarily, mark my words! So, as I walked through that door into the dining hall, I observed other oddities. Like the damp mist wafting through the dining hall.

And that sound. The distinct sound of rushing water coming from one of the kitchens.

Of course, inside the kitchen it was pitch-black, save the flashlight that was flickering and illuminated a couple of dark heads. And those heads were looking at what was causing the mist, and the sound, and the door to stand open: a broken pipe.

And the water coming from it, wasn’t just a little trickle. It sounded like a white-water river was rushing through our kitchen. And that’s when I knew: we had a flood yet once more!

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