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That Christmas Tree

Remember that Christmas tree? The one I keep telling you about? The one that needs some imaginative powers to be regarded as a Christmas tree. The one about which I can’t decide whether it’s just not good looking or plain ugly. The one that has all these little notes added by the students to make good for the lack of other Christmas decorations and ornaments.

Well, I was wrong. About the little notes, that is. And about how they’ll soon cover up the bottom part of the tree. I should have never told you about the little notes, because this year? They’re … HUGE!!! Or about how they only cover up the bottom part of that tree. Because that whole tree looks like a carnival scarecrow for Santa Clause.

Just saying – oh Christmas tree! Or maybe: Oh, oh, Christmas tree!

PS. And I haven’t even told you about the Winnie Pooh Bear and Micky Mouse balloons that are flying far above the tree. Wonder how they got there? I agree – that’s a gooood question …

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