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That Book We Call December Daily

If you’ve peaked over into my little Digiscrap Corner these days, you may have realized that the December Daily takes a prominent role in the discussions over there. Most of my friends here wouldn’t know what the December Daily is, unless I told them: “It’s that Christmas book I made last year!” And then a glow of acknowledgement would light up their faces and they would say something like: “Ahhh, yes! That pretty book, which is so much fun to read,” because all year they’ve studied last year’s DD album, laughed at the pictures, and remembered the various occasions. And of course, they love to discover themselves in the photos, because most of them are part of the story at some point.

This year, I’ve been working on a new December Daily album, which means I’ve gotten into the habit of using my camera a little more often, and taking pictures more regularly than usual. So, of course, my friends have noticed it, and they started to wonder about it. But when I tell them, “Well, it’s for that Christmas book,” everyone is all too eager to squeeze in the photo in excitement of becoming part of “that book.” So, this year, I’m never in want for any subjects to photograph. In fact, many times now it’s them, who will check (when they see my camera): “Is it for the book?” And if the answer is “yes,” they’ll rush to ensure they can be part of it. Even new students, who haven’t been around last year get excited when they see the DD album, and think of getting a chance of making it on the records.

A tiny book. With a big effect …

Welcome December!

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