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Special: Happy (Chinese) New Year!


I hope you all had a good night’s sleep, for I certainly didn’t.

Custom has it that around midnight (after the TV show has finished) everyone comes out and the fire-cracking/fireworks goes berserk for at least another hour. And then everyone has to get up really early the next morning, around 5 am, to wish their family members health and good luck for the new year, receive their presents (usually a red paper envelope with money that will be spent on clothes) and eat dumplings. All this is necessary to keep good luck for the new year.

Anyways, right after that – also for good luck – everyone starts to fire up a new round of fire crackers. So, this morning, at 6 am sharp I woke up to a big whomm!!! that took place right in front of my window, and ever since then the constant whomm whomm has continued  and probably will go on for the next couple of days – at any given hour.

Well, at least last night I was in for a big treat! The school’s guards decided to have a big fireworks-party right in front of my building. So, at midnight – after realizing what was going to happen – I grabbed my camera and positioned myself on my balcony where I had prime view of the grand display taking place right in front of me. Boy, was that a show! They fired up at least a dozen of those boxes that contain a whole set of different fireworks – and I? I got my best photo shots  of a firework ever!
Want to have a look? Here are just a few.

(If you ever wondered why my photos always have such bad quality on my blog, it’s simply because I don’t want anyone to “steal” them, and this way at least it’s little worth trying!)

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