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Shivering Season

There are five season where I live: Spring, summer, autumn, winter, and – shivering season. No, that’s not Halloween, though I’m aware that that’s just around the corner. I’m no American, so quite frankly, I don’t understand why people like to scare each other and call that fun. In other words: I don’t like Halloween. But I also don’t like shivering season. That’s the season right in between when it gets cold and before the heaters are turned on here. This year, shivering season has come early, and it looks like I’ll have to be shivering for at least two more weeks until the heaters slowly will begin to do their jobs to warm our homes and our hearts. Looks like it’s time for me to renew my friendship with lil’ Mr. Electric Space Heater. He’ll keep me company I’m sure until that glorious day arrives that we all are looking forward to, and this year it was announced to be one day earlier than usual: November 14th!

Still keeping up with the photography challenge, and today’s task was …

Photo Challenge Day 29: Black & White

It’s just something for now. I might get another photo for this challenge, we’ll see.

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