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Merry Chickmas – Or Why It's Better To Stay Away from Christmas Gift Exchanges

Let’s talk a little about presents today. Particularly Christmas presents. They are the little tokens of love exchanged between people who care enough for one another to think it’s worth their time and money putting together something to give away in order to make someone else happy.

And presents are thought to be pleasant things. At least generally.

But not always.

In fact, I’ve learned to view presents with mixed feelings.

And I’ve learned that sometimes it’s smarter to not participate in activities like White Elephant (common gift exchanges among larger groups of people). And if you take a look at this chicken (with which one of my friends was kindly bestowed tonight during the foreign faculty Christmas party, and which is perfectly gifted to cry and wail and mutter and stutter long and loudly as soon as you press its belly), you may understand why!

So, Merry Chickmas, I’ll say to that!

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