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Hong Kong – Day 8: Confused

So, I’m rather confused these days. That is, every time I step out onto the street I get confused. Why? Because of the traffic. It’s all upside down – or I guess the term is “left-sided.” Anyways, I always end up looking in the wrong direction first when I want to cross the street, and then I realize, things are different here, and then I get confused. Which way does the traffic go? Is it this way? Is it that way? Wait a second – how was it back home? I don’t remember any more! Argh! There’s good news though: I’ve survived this far! Will I ever get used to it? Not sure, but I hope so!

(And by the way: not every street is as empty as the one in the pic above, and still I manage to be utterly challenged when crossing it!)

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