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Happy New Year’s Eve

We’ve made it! The year 2010 is over and done with! I hope looking back, you don’t have too much to regret and a year full of great memories. My wish is that you all will have a nice time of celebrating tonight, too!

Here in China, New Year’s isn’t that big of a deal, since the “real” new year’s celebrations will take place at Spring Festival. So, while in Germany at around midnight all hell breaks lose and fireworks shoot up everywhere, nothing much usually happens here. In fact, when some of my colleagues were trying to fire up some fireworks around midnight last year, they were stopped by some considerate school guards, telling them to discontinue, because it would disturb the students in their sleep!

Luckily, we are living in the land where fireworks were invented (gunpowder). So, while in other places people are allowed to have fireworks only on New Year’s Eve, here in China, we usually can have them anytime, anywhere we want!

Happy celebrating everywhere!

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